Introducing Off the Strip

Hello Las Vegas my name is RD Tokken. My family and I started this blog to help keep people in touch with the Las Vegas community. As a local I know how you probably feel about the Strip. You avoid it right? I have noticed that advertisements for community events are sprinkled in among the many things going on at the Strip. Well my friends we are here to give you up to date information about the “everything” but the Strip. This is a great source to find information on current events, local changes, and ideas for the Valley.  Now that I introduced myself please also do so. While you’re at it share thoughts and ideas concerning our community. If you are a business owner, event holder, or have something that you want to get out to the public let me know. I’m open to hear anything about the community outside of the Strip. I will investigate, report, and keep you updated.



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  1. Carmen Stripling
    May 27, 2012 @ 06:50:58

    It.s nice to have a place to go to and give our ideas on the happenings around us.


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