Fundraiser Walk -A -Thon Sports Field

Las Vegas has undergone extensive funding cuts in public education over the past few years. The unions and city are unable to come to a compromise so teachers are being laid off . Now class sizes are averaging over 3o students per teacher.  Although money is a concern, for parents their students education is more important. While the unions and city argue the children are losing out on critical education which will impact everyones future. Some parents are using other resources in response to the lack of education priority in Las Vegas by enrolling their children in private schools in hopes the smaller class sizes improve education. There are some cons to this because it is privately funded and schools trying to keep tuition low exhaust funds quickly. Funding extra curricular activities take the “hit”  that for the time being are still offered at public school  like sports.

Calvary Christian Learning Academey is dedicated to giving children a more rounded education and is having a Walk A Thon fundraiser taking place this Friday.  The money that the Walk A Thon raises will be be put towards a 16,000 sq ft grass field for recess, sports, athletics and special events for the academy. They appreciate your donations and are willing to work hard to make it a great time for the family. The fundraiser will include activities, games, and prizes for contributers. As a reward for all their efforts the principal has agreed to kiss a pig if the students reach their funding goal. Let’s help them out with building a beneficial sports field. If you would like to donate online click the link to do so

Event starts at 8am at Calvery Christian Academy

Located at 2900 N Torrey Pines Las Vegas, NV 89108


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