Metro at the Crosswalks Today

This year Las Vegas already has a total of 56 auto related fatalities the majority of them include  pedestrians. I have observed many people cutting through traffic without using crosswalks. Some seem to be trying to catch the bus others seem to just be in a hurry. The pedestrians assume drivers will stop for them. This is an ongoing problem that pedestrians do not understand or empathize with; the rules and regulations drivers must abide by are already distracting.

Drivers are busy having to pay attention to signs, signals, lights and other drivers while pedestrians only need to pay attention to the walk sign and the drivers. So who is to blame for the accidents? I’m sure it is a combination of drivers being distracted and pedestrians thinking that they can “make it” across. Both need to work together to be sure people stop getting hurt. Regardless of whose fault it is the pedestrian is going to get hurt and that’s what people need to remember. Is there any good way to solve this problem? The continued effort educating on this does not seem to be working as more people continue to be hit. As a pedestrian, I would take extra precautions when crossing because you never know. As a driver try to pay close attention to those crosswalks.

Metro is planning to be out today ticketing drivers who do not stop at crosswalks.


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  1. Anonymous
    May 30, 2012 @ 13:26:03

    Keep up the good job of keeping us posted on what is going on in the community.


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