Electric Daisy Carnival Comes Back to Vegas

EDC, an acronym for Electric Daisy Carnival is coming to Vegas again. The show takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 8th – 10th. According to the EDC facebook page this event is “the world’s most renowned dance music talent with leading-edge production to create an unparalleled experience of sight and sound.” It also has been referred to as the world’s largest “RAVE”.  The show was sold out quickly after tickets went on sale months ago.

Sometimes events like this can leave a bad mark but last year’s event went on without a hitch and Las Vegas welcomes it back with open arms. The show is a 3 day event that begins in the early evening and doesn’t end until dawn. Carnival goers are required to leave the speedway until it re opens the following evening.  Last Year, it is estimated that EDC hosted for 230k people and  is expected to exceed 345k this year. Now that’s a big party.

It’s not all about the party though. Last year EDC made a positive impact to Las Vegas economy by bringing in an estimated $136 million. The appreciation didn’t end there, Insomniac organizers of EDC also presented $25k checks to 3 charities which included Clark County School District, Smith Center for Performing Arts, and the Injured Police Fund bringing the total up another 75k for Clark County. Since ticket sales indicate a larger group this year that means more money for Las Vegas through tourist spending.

Good news Vegas, EDC has already promised to come back in 2013 so if you couldn’t go this year you can try again. I would like to personally give a big thanks to the organizers at Insomniac for bringing such a special event to our city. If you would like more information on EDC or Insomniac their website is


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