Trader Joes vs Everyone Else

As a vegan, it is hard to find “extras” that do not include some sort of dairy so it is impossible not to shop at the specialty grocery stores. Even though it is more expensive, the quality can’t be beat, especially the fresh items.I pick and chose what to buy at the specialty stores and then I go to the “cheapo” stores for any rubbish type of food the family wants. The three contenders in Las Vegas are Trader Joes, Sunflower Market, and Wholefoods Market. All of them have great options for specialty items but what makes Trader Joes my store of choice? Let’s start with number three.

3. Trader Joes is small and that makes it convenient to run in and out quickly.

2. Trader Joes has a brand that offers significant discounts to buyers.

1. Best of all they have the most friendly staff in town. No matter what mood I’m in the cashier checking me out always has a smile that makes me want to come back. Thanks Trader Joes


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