Republic Services Changing

Las Vegas your only garbage company is planning on making recycling easier. I don’t know if you noticed, but nowadays, garbage people don’t care if you separate your recycling into those pesky little bins. That’s because they have begun separating the recycling at the plant so it is no longer your responsibility. Republic has also already started a pilot program in a few Las Vegas neighborhoods and they are more than satisfied with the results. They have plans to eventually convert all customers over to this new system. Here’s how it will work, Republic will provide customers with new trash bins at no extra charge. Both bins will look the same, except one has a blue lid indicating that is where you have thrown all your recycle products. Republic hopes this “new way” of recycling may entice more people to become involved since you throw everything in one container.

Right now existing service is twice a week garbage pick up and every other week recycling service. When this program is implemented garbage and recycling will be picked up once a week on the same day. This type of recycling also allows more types of products to be recycled like, all those cereal boxes. Another great change with this program is it will help keep neighborhoods cleaned up on those windy days in the valley. Republic representatives have also said that rates should stay the same. We here at beyond the strip already like the sound of this new program. What are your thoughts? Your feedback is appreciated.

If you would like to find out more about the pilot program and the changes please visit the website at


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