Clark County Libraries Give Incentives for Summer Reading

School is almost out and for parents that means no more worries about getting the kids up, telling them to do their homework, or running them to after school activities but you may want to keep them involved this summer. On June 7th Clark County Public Schools is coming to a close for the summer. We don’t want to let those brains go idle and Clark County Public Libraries is offering a summer reading program to help.  It’s called “Summer is for Reading”  and here is how it works. You go online to the library website and sign up using your library card. The reader will keep track of how much reading is done and record it online. The library suggests at least 20 minutes of reading should be accomplised in a day. The reader will earn a “book buck” for every 10 days of reading that is completed. You can redeem the buck at a Las Vegas Clark County Library District Foundation Used Bookstore. Kids K-5 that read for 30 days will be awarded a gold medal and their name put  into a drawing for a $50 gift card to Barnes & Nobles. Grades 6 – highschool will be awarded a magnetic book mark and entry into a drawing for a Sony Wifi eReader. The program runs from June 1st through July 31st.

If you have interest in this program or other Clark County Library programs please visit their website.


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