Help Animals Through ARP

If you are thinking about getting a new family pet, you may consider adopting one from an animal sanctuary called Adopt a Rescue Pet (ARP) located in Amargosa Valley. This is a non kill shelter dedicated to helping out our furry friends to give them a chance to be happy and loved.

ARP has seen a surge of animals in need because of the housing market crisis in 2008. A lot of times out of desperation families either abandon pets or have to take their beloved pets to a shelter. To add to the demand of animals needing homes, recently the state of Nevada has cracked down on “puppy mills” and 53 “breeder dogs” were taken in by ARP. There is no doubt that the sanctuary is important as they rescue many of the voiceless animal victims in the valley. ARP is known to have helped thousands of animals over the past 10 years and the estimated monthly costs of upkeep for the animals is around $7000.

The sanctuary only has enough room for 50% of the animals on the sanctuary property the rest are housed privately due to breed characteristics that require more secure housing. ARP is trying raise the funds to improve the sanctuary property in order to house more animals on the 5 acres of land. On average they have 300+ animals in their programs at a time. ARP has plans to develop permanent structures that would allow visits from the public and on site adoptions. The plans include building bungalows that hold 22 dogs each and are solar-powered each with their own watering tanks. To date the ARP needs to have 10 built which will cost an estimated $550,000. The ARP is a non government funded entity and relies on donations and help from the public.

You can see some of the dogs up for adoption live at the Petsmart in the Best of the West Shopping Center off of the Rainbow/95 and Lake Mead. The ARP is there every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am till around 2 pm depending on the heat. If there is anyway for you to help please do as animals don’t have many choices and need the care of people to survive. You can find out more on their website at


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