Desert Sustainable Living No Grass

 The sustainable living movement is upon us and part of it entails using less of Earth’s natural resources. In the desert there is one easy way to prevent wasting water and that is getting rid of your grass lawn. It may be beautiful but it does not belong here in the desert. It’s amazes me that many people are determined to keep their lawn just because it “looks pretty”. Grass in the desert is a contributing to factor the worsening drought.

The desert is already known for its drought qualities due to the high heat levels and low rain fall. The average amount of rainfall in Las Vegas is around 3″ per year and to upkeep your lawn can take up to 3/4 inch per watering cycle. This type of wasteful watering is treading on the whole community and cannot continue. Lake Mead is a reservoir off the Colorado river that provides 90% of the valley’s water. Lake Mead’s water levels continue to decrease which has forced the water authority to build a 3rd intake line to provide the desert water from underground in the case water levels continue to drop. The $800 million project has had a negative impact on small business owners requiring them to pay a rate hike that had almost doubled their bill.

There are many beautiful desert plants that can be put into your landscape that usually only require watering 1 or 2 times a month. Now that fits into the desert “watering budget”. What makes desert plants unique is they have a system to preserve the water within their “plant bodies” and only use what they need. We should do the same and preserve our water for necessities like drinking, bathing and growing food.

If you would like more information on the water authority’s rebate program please visit


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