Last Day of School for Clark County

Clark County is finishing off the school year today. A lot of kids have the mentality that summer has nothing to do with learning but according to experts that type of thinking causes “brain drain”. Also, referred to as “summer slide” studies have shown that students can lose up to 2 months of skills because they are not using them during the summer months. Teachers help kids transition back by reviewing material from the previous year for at least the first month of a new school year. It averages out to about of year lost of learning by highschool graduation. One reason American children think this way is because they tend to look at education as a chore rather than a privilege. It is up to parents to encourage their kids to be students outside of the classroom. Public libraries are a good resource if you need ideas and technology allows learning in many ways.  Teaching our children to view learning as a “treat” is beneficial for everyone’s future. So this summer be sure to encourage you kids to read, write, solves puzzles, and become interested in the challenges that come with learning. The 2012-2013 Clark County School year will begin on August 27th 2012.

If you have questions visit the CCSD website


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