Obama to Congress “Get Back to Work”

Obama spoke at UNLV this afternoon, touching on many subjects that Congress seems to be stalling on. Obama’s topics included rebuilding middle the class, getting state employees back to work, the housing crisis, beneficial tax breaks for small businesses, companies who keep Americans working, and clean energy. Also on his agenda is helping veterans “not have to fight for jobs”. The president acknowledges that Nevada is one of the hardest hit states that need assistance.

The president stayed true to the topic of education and spent at least half of his speech concentrating on the school loan system. He is putting pressure on congress to keep student loans at the same interest rates, as they are set to double on July 1st of this year. Obama does not like the Republicans plan of keeping the interest rates low at the cost cutting preventive care for women. Obama implies that Congress wants to pay off the deficit by continuing to give big businesses tax breaks while taxing the students who can’t afford it. One realization Obama wants for Congress is that making education affordable for everyone does help the economy. His message to Congress was even with the election season upon us “Get Back To Work”.

UNLV Cox Pavillion was full of supporters for President Obama. He urged students to stand up for themselves through social media such as twitter and Facebook. Obama was all smiles while talking and shaking hands with students but left quickly to get back onto Air Force One.


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