Small Buisness Sunday


Beyond the Strip would like to introduce you to Small Business Sunday. We will have one article every Saturday featuring a dedicated small business operating in Las Vegas or surrounding areas.

This weeks thumbs up goes to Swim In Pool Supply. No doubt that Las Vegas summers make you want to go swimming. Having your own pool is even better but the maintenance can be time-consuming and frustrating. It’s easy to over use chemicals which can be costly and hiring a pool company to do it for you may seem like the only option.  Swim In Pool Supply, has another option for you and they teach you how to do it yourself.

Swim In Pool Supply has been family owned and operated in Downtown Las Vegas for 50 years. This historic small business carries many of your pool and spa supplies but they also have the expertise that you can find nowhere else. The friendly pool experts will teach you about your individual pool needs that will allow you to efficiently use chemicals with little waste. That saves you time and money. That’s not all this distinguished company will do for you. If you have any existing problems or needed repairs that are not “DIY” they will do the repairs for you or will refer you to someone can.

There is a sense of dignity that goes along with knowing you made your pool crystal clear. This is the best pool supply store in town located at 1314 S Main St.

For more information visit


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