Small Businesses Fighting the Water Authority

The water bills are out and nobody is happy except for maybe the water company. A new surcharge the water company implemented has shocked business owners who are responsible for them. The surcharges are to cover debt the Southern Nevada Water Authority has accumulated for projects. Business owners have planned to fight back, this could happen at the SNWA monthly board meeting this Thursday. Valley businesses have seen their bills double even though they don’t use any more water. The SNWA has put together a committee to try to compromise somehow. Although, changes probably wouldn’t come into effect until after the 3 year contract expires. SNWA argues that the surcharges have been put in place because since the economy tanked, start-up fees are no longer funding projects like in the past. Business owners are unwilling to wait that long and argue the increases will force hundreds of businesses to close if a solution doesn’t present itself sooner.

The board will have a live internet broadcast on Thursday, June 21st at 9 am.

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