Triple Digit Heat

Fires in the valley homes have increased with the temperatures. The hot and dry desert environment can make living in the desert unbearable and fire prevention should be the number one priority. Just as other regions of the world prepare for winter time with snow and ice, desert residents must take precautions to live in the seasonal desert heat. Sometimes it’s easy to pick up habits that in the colder months do not matter but when temps are reaching almost 110 degrees, it’s time to reevaluate your habits.

Fire precautions must be taken as one spark could ignite a huge fire plus, the valley wind gives fuel to the flames. Dry grass which the valley is full of should be watered down or kept away from potential sparks. Watch out what is left out in the sun as it could explode or melt.

Do not leave your animals outside, they cannot survive outside for a long period of time. Be sure there is plenty of water available to them, even inside.

Drink water more then usual. There are nasty symptoms that go along with being dehydrated so stop it before it hits; it’s easy to dehydrate in the desert.

Stay in shade, use sunblock and wear light clothing that covers the body. Don’t forget the sunglasses and hats.

Outside work should be done early morning or evenings to avoid the hottest part of the day.

There are several public pools throughout the valley to cool down in also. These are just a few tips to remember while enduring the desert summer. Also, using common sense will give you more hints for heat survival. With the Fourth of July holiday around the corner more awareness must be used. The valley temperatures are expected to be in the triple digits for the next 10 days.

Las Vegas Fire Department Website

Clark County Pools


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