Sunflowers Market Soon ‘Sprouts’

Sunflower Market customers can look forward to a few changes, as the company has merged with Sprouts Markets. Sprouts is a whole foods market founded by Stan and Shon Boney. The company has roots that trace back to Henry Boney a poor farmer and entrepreneur who back in 1943 started his first peach stand in California. Henry passed down his dedication to providing quality foods to his sons Stan and Steve Boney who successfully ran Henry’s Marketplace until it sold in 1999. The father and son team then created Sprouts in 2002 a market specializing in the whole foods. Eventually as fate would have it Henry’s Marketplace and Sprouts merged in April 2011 making it the largest whole foods retailer in the Western US. Sprouts was named 2010 retailer of the year by ‘Gourmet News Magazine’.

On March 9th of this year, under majority ownership and sponsorship of the leading private equity firm Apollo, Sprouts announced that it will also be uniting with Sunflower Market. Although as of now, the two are competitors, the merger will eventually bring Sprouts into Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Oklahoma.  With the merger, the company will operate 142 stores and have over 10,000 employees under the ‘Sprouts’ name. CEO’s plan to take on the best practices from both stores and create a whole foods market that will deliver products based around the community and culture of the area. There are plans for all Sunflower Market locations to stay open.
‘Sprouts’ has already promised to offer the Las Vegas community a few things, here’s what they include:

  • Influx of interesting new products
  • Better prices
  • More employment opportunities
  • Improve operations by taking the best of both stores.

Change is essential for prosperity and growth. Keep an eye out as plans to rebrand Sunflower Market are set for Mid July.  It sounds like the whole foods industry just got a little sweeter for Las Vegas.


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