‘Pop Up Pizza’ Feeds Downtown

Pop Up Pizza seemed to do just that at the Plaza hotel in Downtown Las Vegas Tuesday. Tucked in a corner with brand new, clean, shiny equipment, pizza cooking and smiling faces the restaurant was drawing a crowd. There was a nostalgic vintage feel with the bulb ‘pizza’ sign illuminating, claiming downtown style. Oddly enough their mascot is standing in the restaurant area, it’s a giant black horse sculpture with a lamp shade on its head.

The pizzas were cooking and being served steadily. ‘Soho’ is a vegan pizza flavor and the fresh ingredients sent taste buds into over drive with tangy sauce and topped with veggies. All the pizzas feature clever names, such as 5th street, Newport, White Chapel and there was even a Goodman. No surprise there, Oscar Goodman showed with the honor of slicing the first pizza.  The former mayor of Las Vegas did have a little trouble slicing, it all worked out though when he handed the pizza slicer over to one of the restaurants’ partners who helped him out.

The grand opening offered free slices of pizza to people and there seemed to be a never ending line of customers. The restaurant had no problem feeding everyone by keeping the counters lined with freshly baked pizzas. People had smiles on their faces as they gobbled up slices and chatted with one another. One of the customers, Dakota Thompson, commented on how great it was that the pizza was “not greasy”. The generosity did not stop with just the food either, there also was bottled organic tea provided at no cost and coupons for free slices of pizza were scattered amongst the tables.

One unique aspect I noticed during my visit, was there were no illuminating menus overhead to display their selections. In fact, I did not find menus anywhere, including online. Seems a little secretive and even when one of the restaurants’ partners was asked what ‘Pop Up’ meant, he only grinned back and said, “I don’t want to spoil the surprise”. We love surprises, right Las Vegas?

Thumbs up to the new downtown pizza place for providing an exciting atmosphere for locals to enjoy! Definitely go check it out and let us know what you think. Hours are from 11am to 2am daily.

Visit their website at


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