UNLV Fine Arts Exhibit

Think Art – a non profit organization designed to help local artists- featured a fine arts reception Tuesday at Spring Hill Suites.  An entity of  Marriot, one of the hotel’s core values is to serve the spirit of community and has demonstrated this by providing a beautiful venue to showcase local fine arts. All of the featured artists are students from the UNLV bachelor of fine arts or the master of fine arts program. The hotel houses ‘Palettes Gallery and Bistro’ for enthusiasts to enjoy food, drinks and visual arts which is located on the first floor of the hotel.

Points of View is the theme of this exhibit. For each showcased art project the student wrote an art statement regarding the point they are trying to achieve through their art. The artists take in critiques and then refine their projects to help communicate their view. You can capture a small part of the artists personality through each piece as none can compare to the other. The questions is, what is your unique taste?  Most of students were able to show for the event and answer questions. The hotel will change out this exhibit in August to showcase a new one. Pieces of art are priced to sell and all proceeds go to the student artists.

Take the time to head down there and check out the talent of our local artists.

The hotel is located at 2989 Paradise Road.

For more information on Think Art and artists visit


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