Wizard of Oz with a Twist

Every wonder why the bad witch was considered bad? It didn’t start out that way. According to the Broadway production Wicked, she was just misunderstood.  The show has won 35+ awards for it’s twisted version of how the “good” and “bad” witch met before Dorothy landed herself in Oz. New York times calls it, “Broadway’s biggest blockbuster”. Lucky for us Las Vegas, it is being showcased at our own downtown Smith Center for the Performing Arts from August 29th thru October 7th of this year. Ticket prices start at $42 and you have a choice between a matinee at 2pm or an evening show at 7:30pm.  If you have never been able to catch a Broadway show this is a great one to start with. The show is recommended for ages 8+.

You can buy tickets or find more information at


All Artists Invited to Showcase at Local Exhibit


Check Out These, Las Vegas

Be sure to go get some freshness today at the Downtown Farmers Market from 9am till 2pm located in the old transit center at Casino Center and Stewart.

Those great Park and Party events hosted by Lee’s liquor will be held at their Boulder and Boca park locations tomorrow. There will be free tastings, beer, wine, food and giveaways. The event will be held in the parking lots from 12pm till 4 pm on Saturday, July 28th.

Tomorrow night, July 28th downtown there will be another fun Mugs N Movies night. The event will showcase Steamboy for all the anime fans out there. It’s free and located at 3rd St. between Ogden and Stewart. Go watch a movie under the stars.

Are you a hard rock lover? If so head down to the, “Scream It Like you Mean It 2012” event at the Fremont East District this Saturday, July 28th. There will be several bands showcased at the event. Located by the El Cortez Casino on 6th Street between Fremont and Carson. Parking is available at surrounding parking garages in the area and the event costs $25 in advance and $29 at the door. The festivities start at 2pm so go have some fun and “Rock the Block.”

Springs Preserve’s garden workshop this weekend is focusing on what types of desert plants are good for that shady landscaped area. They have the best in the business caring for their plants so here is an opportunity to learn from the best and make that yard look great. It will be held on Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of July from 8:30 till 10:30 pm

If you missed the Downtown3rd Market on Friday don’t fret. Remember that Fresh 52 holds markets on both Saturday and Sunday’s. Saturday is at Tivoli Village from 8am to 1pm and Sunday at Sansone Park Place from 8:30 am to 1pm.

Have a fun time this weekend and remember to get out and enjoy the local scene. If you have any community events that you want Beyond the Strip to know about just comment, email or look us up on Facebook.

Food Truck Faux Pas

Our all too convenient food trucks are getting some backlash from local businesses.  Although their business model has been a success, brick and mortar restaurant owners have some concerns. What’s the problem? Business owners are concerned that the food trucks are taking away their potential customers by parking too close. Business owners who pay property taxes and rent feel that food trucks only come during the busiest times “cashing” in on foot traffic that otherwise would be drawn into their restaurant.

Mayor Coralyn Goodman is trying to find a common ground about the issue. She drafted a bill that would require food trucks to park at least 150ft from local businesses and only allow them to park for no more then 4 hours. If the truck is parked on a business lot with the owners permission there would not be a time limit.

How do you feel about this? Do you think it should be okay to park wherever?  Please leave your comments to left!

Fresh 52 Farmers Market Town Square

Great News!  Fresh 52 Farmer & Artisan Market will start hosting at Town Square on Fridays beginning August 3rd.  Fresh 52 already hosts markets Saturday at Tivoli village and Sunday at Sansone park place. This market is a great place for the whole family including your pet to spend time together. The markets are lively and filled with fresh foods, baked goods, and crafts. It’s a fun event that happens every weekend and there is something for everyone. This additional day will give more people the opportunity to experience a quality community event.  Always remember buying local means helping our businesses, jobs and community prosper. The market will be open from 9am till 2pm on Fridays located at North Main St.

For more info on Fresh 52 visit

Check Out Provident Community Garden

Ever want to plant your own food but don’t have the space? Maybe you just don’t want to mend your soil, after all in the desert that is a difficult task. There is a solution, a community garden is a space that is reserved for the people of a community to grow “their own”. Sometimes they are referred to as urban gardens and the idea has been catching on throughout metropolitan neighborhoods in the US. New York has been the most aggressive at establishing them but I knew Vegas would catch up. I’d like to introduce Provident the largest community garden in the valley. There are many positive things to be said about community gardens but I’m going to narrow it down to three.

Firstly, all those rocky lifeless lots throughout the valley could be used to create a beautiful life filled space. With the economic climate causing neighborhoods to deteriorate this is a great way to liven them up. Besides, doesn’t it sound more reasonable to use our water to grow things we can enjoy and eat instead of trying to grow grass in the desert?

Next this is a great example of sustainable living.  Sustainable living incorporates many ideas of living “green” and being less wasteful. The gardens create local food options that could potentially drive down costs especially for the grower. It also puts back into the ground what you take out, creating little waste.

Most importantly, passing down the knowledge of  gardening to the next generation is essential for survival. The problem is  kids are being taught to update their status and create websites but don’t know how to feed themselves. Let alone growing their own food, it is foreign to them. “Let’s not only leave a better planet to our children but leave better children to our planet.”

Provident Community Gardens was thought up by Paul Moffat and he turned an ugly lot into something beautiful. Local Whiting Brothers company donated their fantastic fertile soil to the project. Right now there are 90 grow boxes referred to as phase I that are already spoken for. After seeing the success of the garden, phase II boxes are already in the works and should be ready in the next month. Phase I boxes are 4’x10′ and phase II boxes may be bigger.

As long as what you are growing is lawful you can grow it. You are the “king or queen” of your box and will be in charge of caring for your plants. You can purchase a box for $100 and it’s only $7.50 a month after the initial purchase. If you grow food you can make that money up by not having to buy at the grocery store. Besides the satisfaction of growing your own is priceless.

One little requirement must be fulfilled to purchase a box and it is free. Master gardeners will teach gardening 101 and 102 to help you get started. Gardening 101 goes through gardening basics while 102 focuses on garden policies.

The Garden is located behind the Cumorah Academy charter school , 6000 West Oakey Blvd.

Kudos to Paul Moffat and his team for making such an important step for the Las Vegas community.

If you’d like to purchase a box email

You can also go to for more info.

Don’t Miss Big Dog’s Summerfest 2012

Don’t miss out this Saturday, July 21st is the annual Big Dog’s Brewery Summerfest. We all know that BBQ goes along with summertime hand in hand and this year Chef Sergio came up with a delicious menu to satisfy you. The menu will feature smoked ribs and/or chicken platters with sides of BBQ beans and corn on the cob.  After you gobble up the yummy food you may want to hit the pavement and dance the rest of the night away. There will be live performances from reggae groups, Oneness Vibe at 6pm and Pulsar featuring Sahara Prade at 9pm. The most fabulous news is there will be 50+ brews being showcased from all over the world and complimentary bottle & special guest tastings for you to experience.

For Big Dog’s reward card holders you can earn points and skip the line by purchasing a starter or deluxe package ahead of time. You can also earn points by purchasing pint glasses and raffle tickets early, this will be available through July 20th. After you make your purchase, you will be given a certificate entitling you to your goods. On the day of the event all you have to do is go inside to the prepaid table to get your goodies.

Festivities will take place at Big Dog’s Draft House on Rancho and Craig in the parking lot from 6pm to midnight. Admission is free and reserved for ages 21+. They may have outdone themselves from last year. Stop on down to find out or just come and enjoy.

For more info on this event and a list of beers visit

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