Foster Pet Owners Needed

Would you like to become involved in animal rescue? Las Vegas pets have also been impacted by the economic crisis. They are usually abandoned and left homeless. If you want to help but don’t know how, there are several ways to do so. Of course most people know about adoption or you could donate money but another way is to provide a safe environment for the animal until he/she finds a forever home. Adopt a Pet Rescue is always looking for foster pet owners and here is how it works. The ARP determines what type of dog breed and/or characteristics that would suit your current living situation to keep you, your family and your foster pet safe. They consider things like the type of residence you live in, who lives with you and any animals you already have. You will fill out paperwork and the ARP will provide you with all the info about the program and answer questions.  Also, they can supply you with a collar and leash. Medical expenses are the responsibility of the ARP and if something happens just give them a call first as they will be sure to provide you with a vet to take the animal too.

Being a foster pet owner requires you to care for them Monday thru Friday and then drop the dog off at an adoption site on Saturday and Sunday. If the dog is unable to find their forever home then you would care for the pet for the week until the following adoption weekend. The organization does require a $200 deposit by check or by credit card form. Charges will not be put through unless you decide not to show up to the adoption sites.

The ARP works hard at finding forever homes for their rescues. They have put safety measures in place to be sure the animal is adopted to a family with the right environment for the individual pet’s needs. Becoming a foster pet owner has many rewards for you and the animal but it also helps the ARP determine the temperament, personality and gather behavioral information about the pet for it’s potential forever home.

People have a tendency to get an animal and then once the “thrill” wears off then they try to discard them. This type of thinking can cause animals to have behavioral problems as well as creates homeless animals. ARP has had a large number of people trying to discard their pets to them. There are more dogs then homes and it’s time for people to take responsibility for animals. It’s also our responsibility to help the less fortunate, especially when they are in the situation at no fault of their own.

The ARP appreciates many forms of philanthropy for animals. If you would like to learn more about fostering a pet or about the ARP you can visit their website at


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