Check Out Provident Community Garden

Ever want to plant your own food but don’t have the space? Maybe you just don’t want to mend your soil, after all in the desert that is a difficult task. There is a solution, a community garden is a space that is reserved for the people of a community to grow “their own”. Sometimes they are referred to as urban gardens and the idea has been catching on throughout metropolitan neighborhoods in the US. New York has been the most aggressive at establishing them but I knew Vegas would catch up. I’d like to introduce Provident the largest community garden in the valley. There are many positive things to be said about community gardens but I’m going to narrow it down to three.

Firstly, all those rocky lifeless lots throughout the valley could be used to create a beautiful life filled space. With the economic climate causing neighborhoods to deteriorate this is a great way to liven them up. Besides, doesn’t it sound more reasonable to use our water to grow things we can enjoy and eat instead of trying to grow grass in the desert?

Next this is a great example of sustainable living.  Sustainable living incorporates many ideas of living “green” and being less wasteful. The gardens create local food options that could potentially drive down costs especially for the grower. It also puts back into the ground what you take out, creating little waste.

Most importantly, passing down the knowledge of  gardening to the next generation is essential for survival. The problem is  kids are being taught to update their status and create websites but don’t know how to feed themselves. Let alone growing their own food, it is foreign to them. “Let’s not only leave a better planet to our children but leave better children to our planet.”

Provident Community Gardens was thought up by Paul Moffat and he turned an ugly lot into something beautiful. Local Whiting Brothers company donated their fantastic fertile soil to the project. Right now there are 90 grow boxes referred to as phase I that are already spoken for. After seeing the success of the garden, phase II boxes are already in the works and should be ready in the next month. Phase I boxes are 4’x10′ and phase II boxes may be bigger.

As long as what you are growing is lawful you can grow it. You are the “king or queen” of your box and will be in charge of caring for your plants. You can purchase a box for $100 and it’s only $7.50 a month after the initial purchase. If you grow food you can make that money up by not having to buy at the grocery store. Besides the satisfaction of growing your own is priceless.

One little requirement must be fulfilled to purchase a box and it is free. Master gardeners will teach gardening 101 and 102 to help you get started. Gardening 101 goes through gardening basics while 102 focuses on garden policies.

The Garden is located behind the Cumorah Academy charter school , 6000 West Oakey Blvd.

Kudos to Paul Moffat and his team for making such an important step for the Las Vegas community.

If you’d like to purchase a box email

You can also go to for more info.


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  1. Anonymous
    Jul 20, 2012 @ 12:38:07

    What a wonderful story……. gardening is essential


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