Food Truck Faux Pas

Our all too convenient food trucks are getting some backlash from local businesses.  Although their business model has been a success, brick and mortar restaurant owners have some concerns. What’s the problem? Business owners are concerned that the food trucks are taking away their potential customers by parking too close. Business owners who pay property taxes and rent feel that food trucks only come during the busiest times “cashing” in on foot traffic that otherwise would be drawn into their restaurant.

Mayor Coralyn Goodman is trying to find a common ground about the issue. She drafted a bill that would require food trucks to park at least 150ft from local businesses and only allow them to park for no more then 4 hours. If the truck is parked on a business lot with the owners permission there would not be a time limit.

How do you feel about this? Do you think it should be okay to park wherever?  Please leave your comments to left!


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