….And The Show Must Go On

The Clark County Library officials made a bad move when they increased their rental rates on their five non profit Performing Arts Centers. The blame was put on the sluggish economy but the burden was put on the local youth as those performing arts groups are the ones that rent the facilities the most. Most understand that an increase had to happen since there hadn’t been one for many years. The mistake was that it jumped from $10 an hour to $170 an hour making it impossible to sell tickets at a high enough price to make up for the rental fees.

See the full story here

After organizers collected over 5,000 signatures and numerous visits to the library board meetings the voices were heard. On September 13th, Clark county Library was packed with local Las Vegans standing up for the performing arts. Although there was still an increase it is only going to be $40 an hour to rent a theater space. That means our local artists and youth can continue to express themselves through the arts in front of an audience.

Kudos to organizers, supporters and everyone involved in this mission. We look forward to seeing the shows.


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