Rediscover Downtown Day, Who’s Coming With Me

I’ve witnessed some great things in downtown lately, one of my newest favorite places for the munchies is Pop Up pizza in the Plaza Casino. Fremont Street seems to keep growing with with every visit a new place seems to spring to life. I’m loving the new bar called Drink and Drag that offers pool tables, bowling, gogo dancers and a dance floor, the drinks are stiff and the staff are friendly which helps make the evening full of smiles. One of my favorite downtown places that always seem to have something going on for locals and representing Vegas history is the Mob bar, their signature drinks are oh so delicious. Also, catering to those of us who practice sustainable living and make a point to buy local there is the Downtown3rd Farmers Market every Friday from 9am till 2pm in the old transit center. Downtown has so much more to offer that I still haven’t manage to go experience or probably don’t even know about. For instance, I still have yet to go and check out the Insert Coins establishment I’ve heard so much about.

This weekend may be my opportunity and yours. The six month Rediscover Downtown Project campaign is coming to a close and they are going out with a bang. Vegas, set aside this Saturday, October 13th for Rediscover Downtown Day, “an entire day of special events, tasting, activities, offers and incentives – all geared toward those who call Las Vegas home and especially those who may not have yet rediscovered all that is new in the historic heart of their city.” The event will kick off at 7 am with the Las Vegas Rediscover Downtown Heart Walk/Run. There will be events happening in several places throughout downtown including, the 18b Las Vegas Arts District & Nearby, Fremont East Entertainment District, Fremont Street Experience – Casino Core Cultural Corridor, and Downtown. There will be deals, fun, food, information booths and so much more. There is so much going on that day that you may want to have an idea about what you’re going go see and we have your back my friends. Courtesy of the projects organizers, here is a website for a complete list of all the “happenings”  for the day

Have you noticed the changes in the Las Vegas downtown district? Did you try any of the newer places? We want to hear, leave your comments.


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