It Sounds Like “Hottie”

I write regularly about the talent in our beautiful city in many areas of arts. I realize this city is bubbling with it and it has bubbled over into fashion industry as well. I was lucky to find local talent in fashion design by the lovely Amy Hanley. She is a true native to Las Vegas as she is the daughter of  Wendy Mazaros author of the chilling novel Vegas Rag Doll and notorious mob hit man Tom Hanley. Sweet Amy is a busy woman raising a family, giving financial help for Vegas locals and is currently filming with TLC in a reality show called High Rollers. On top of all that she is starting her own local clothing line called Mob Doll Haute.  This line will offer women the opportunity to wear clothing inspired by the high fashion sense of the Mob Molls (wives of mobsters) from the past with a modern approach. I’m thinking a little like Sharon Stone from the movie “Good Fellas” but better cause it’s not just for the movies. This high fashion line will start with a few distinct luxury outfits that appeal to woman of different body types and we can only hope it grows from there. I mean really since the 80’s fashion sense seems to have come back in “style” these sophisticated styles should.  I expect that these designs will become a nationwide trend within the next few years. Amy is serious about keeping business in Vegas and staying local and that’s why we love her. She is abundant about watching Vegas take a turn for the better since the 07 financial melt down. Watch out LA she may be on to something here and breaking into the fashion industry is another way for Vegas to be one of the top sought after cities. She has plans to release a line of Mob Doll Haute logo wear here soon as well, since it is one of the coolest logos out there I’m sure it will be a hit. Both her fashion line and reality series are expected to be released in December. So keep an eye open.


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