Bad Girls Club Star Takes On Fremont Street

Jennavecia Russo “Bad Girls Club” hanging with the most interesting man in the world, Downtown Las Vegas 2012

You may have noticed Downtown Vegas was hopping this year for Halloween. There was a block party that included a couple of stages with DJ’s, musicians and dancers that went into full swing after the downtown Halloween parade. Fremont street was not left out either, they had a haunted house, of course their three stages had performances and there were some parties rocking out on the East side of the district. The entire downtown area was pumpin’ and gave all of the attendees a great opportunity to show their best moves in their hottest costumes. There wasn’t a recognizable person in sight, well actually there was one.

The downtown atmosphere was cool enough to bring out Vegas Bad Girl and reality star Jennavecia Russo. You know the one from the hit show Bad Girls Club season two!  She made her appearance downtown dressed to kill, I mean that literally. Dressed in a mini camo with matching knee high boots, she commanded attention as she enjoyed the festivities. All heads turned as she walked by and that was for good reason my friends. Besides the fact she seemed to be the only female dressed in military fatigues, there was more boot then skirt and not even the most interesting man in the world could resist a look. Her costume was hands down the hottest of the night and she rocked it like the star she is.

So what’s the reality starlet been up to these days? Although, she is very private about her personal life we were able to find out a few things. She loves all of her fans, she was extremely open about that and tries to keep them in the loop on her Facebook page.  Outside of keeping things interesting at her local tavern she  spends her time with her beautiful daughter. For fun and relaxation she rides motorcycles like the true bad ass she is. Even if she is the ultimate bad girl she does have soft spot for animals, I think it’s genetic.

Her mom owns and runs Symphony Animal Foundation in Pahrump Nevada and she helps out there from time to time. This non profit, no kill animal shelter was opened in 2009 and saves all kinds of our four legged friends from living in desert misery.  You may be able to see our favorite bad girl on reality TV again but don’t expect any knock down drag out fights as there are rumors about a show based around the shelter. Now isn’t that sweet, we all knew that Jennavecia had to have a sweet side. I know, I know a more interesting question is does our girl have a special someone right now?  Kind of a disappointment as she wouldn’t come clean about her love life but what we do know is she did not seem tied down while she played General Russo for Halloween. Let’s all give her a shout out for being an ultimate bad girl!

If you would like more information about Symphony Animal Foundation click here.


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