Marijuana Tourism Something For Vegas?

How long do you think it will take for Nevada to legalize Marijuana for recreational use?  There may be good reason not to hold off too much longer. If you haven’t heard, the November 6th election did more then just re elect the most controversial president, it made history in a different way. It seems as though prohibition of Marijuana is coming to an end at least for the citizens of Colorado and Washington state. The majority voted in favor of Amendment 64 and Initiative 502 that allows Marijuana to be used recreationally by adults 21 and over. It is not that much of a surprise, for years activists have been arguing that laws governing the herb conflict with the little facts that are known. There is no evidence of addiction, sickness, or overdose but it is still considered has harmful as drugs like Heroin by the Federal government. Also, people have claimed to prefer the use of the plant over alcohol due to it’s low intoxicating effects. Further more, Medical Marijuana used by patients with chronic diseases such as Cancer, Aids and pain related disorders continue to use the plant because of the positive effects from smoking it.

Colorado’s Amendment 64 allows “adults to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, and six marijuana plants, though public use of the drug and driving while intoxicated are prohibited. It also directs lawmakers to write regulations on how pot can be sold, with commercial sales possible by 2014.” A similar measure, Initiative 502 was passed in Washington state that would allow Marijuana possession of an ounce or less and it would become legal on Dec. 6, though setting up a state-run sales operation would take a year. Both states are waiting on a federal response that could possibly block both measures.

There is speculation that these states will have increased tourism if these laws stay in effect.  It seems as though people are changing how they want to spend their time as tourists, less people are coming to Las Vegas for the gambling and are more interested in having a good time in other ways. The Las Vegas Sun reported, “Strip casinos make more money off their rooms, restaurants and entertainment than from the table games and slots”. The issue doesn’t necessarily lie with Colorado and Washington taking away tourists it’s more about being able to attract more tourists into Las Vegas and recreational Marijuana would be a huge market as people come here to play on our adult playgrounds. The good news is, it is unlikely it will bring a rowdy crowd actually it’d be on the contrary as Marijuana smokers tend to be more laid back then those who drink.

Las Vegas is known for being a progressive state and will likely follow suit if the federal government allows these states to use these news laws.  The valley has had a medical Marijuana policy since 2001 and the numbers show that this generation of American people are less opposed to Marijuana with a 60% approval rating in the United States. Since Las Vegas is the tourist capital of the world, if tourism numbers increase in these states, Nevada may want to put it on the next election ballots.


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