Where Are the Local Bands At?

Where have all the musicians gone? I see plenty of performing and visual arts here in Vegas but I’ve been living in Las Vegas for almost 3 years and do not know where to go to hear some local bands. All I’ve ever heard about is Yellow Brick Road which I admit they are cool and the not so clever Steel Panther. Isn’t there more? I am searching for is local bands playing in the Las Vegas area. Ones that play in the bars and taverns throughout the city. Are kids putting down instruments, picking up computers and calling this music? I see a lot of advertising for DJ’s and electronic music mini raves from local talent that display hard hitting beats and some cool dance music. Although, that type of rave prompting music has its own scene, I miss music where I don’t have to endure the bass and treble repetitive sounds all night. Something with some substance musically.  I’m talking about musicians trying to make a living with their music or love to rock out so much they play after work. I know there has got to be something in this beautiful city please tell me I’m missing it. I’m talking about the warmth of an electric guitar that captures emotion and fits perfectly together with the lyrics and drum beats. It makes me wonder is this just in Vegas that this is happening? Please write us and let us know your favorite local band. I’m not concerned with the genre and cover bands are included in this search. I’m looking for local talent in the areas of rock, alternative, reggae etc.  I know there has got to be some local musicians somewhere in this city trying to get discovered. Leave comments and feedback below.


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