Ho Ho Holiday Happenings

The Holiday Season is in full force now and I’m sure your wallet is coming out for the purpose of giving. So what are you going to give? You could stick with those corporate stores that offer the same mass produced products or realize it is the most wonderful time of the year and the best time to put some money into your local economy and buy some spectacular gifts.  So this weekend happens to be a perfect weekend to buy local and enjoy some Las Vegas culture all at the same time.

The first Friday of this month will be on the same weekend as the Second Saturday, which means the popular First Friday Festival and the StrEATS Festival are happening on the same weekend. First Friday has become a large event over the years which means there is plenty of opportunity to buy local as there are a plethora of artistic vendors that participate in the festival. It’s perfect for the holidays, you can go out enjoy the community and find unique cool stuff for your giftees. What you are going to see out there is an array photography art, paintings, and even sculptures. You can also find threads from local fashion designers and my personal favorite, fashion accessories to add finishing touches to your looks. If you can’t make it to First Friday, the StrEATS Festival is on Saturday and although it is still in its beginning stages there are several local vendors to check out.

One of the newest vendors that I adore and they just happen to make appearances at both events is A Girls Glitter. They are a local company that is online and sells at local events as well. They specialize in bling and originality of fashion accessories. It’s hard not to buy at least one of their unique fashion accessories with all that sparkle reeling a girl in. Besides every girl needs a new accessory and of course, so does her friend, right?  Be sure to hit them up online if you don’t make it out and see them this weekend.

Of course at both events there will be plenty of those delicious food trucks to help tame the appetite you work up. Just remember to grab a jacket and maybe some gloves as it will be chilly outside this weekend. Hey and even if you don’t buy anything at the festivals get some ideas and grab some business cards to follow up later on that unique gift idea. Save the corporate stores for buying your paper towels and remember keep it real by buying from local businesses for your gifts this season.

One of the best traditions for the Holidays are those beautiful light displays and of course our awesome city has got that covered as well. Take the family out this weekend and enjoy some displays our city graciously offers. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosts an annual light show called, Glittering Lights and it is open now until January 6th from 5:30 till 9 pm,Monday Thru Thursday and till 10 pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays. It’s $15 per carload during the week , $20 on holidays and weekends so be sure to pack all your friends and family in the vehicle and split the cost.

Also, the Springs Preserve is hosting the Holiday Light Spectacular this weekend on December 8th and 9th from 5 to 9 pm,  it will also be open from December 15 thru the 23rd at same time in the evening. This event will be, “bathed in the glow of thousands of colorful, eco-friendly LED lights, the family-friendly celebration will feature tasty treats, holiday arts and crafts, reindeer (pony) rides for the little ones, photos with Santa, and much more”.

One of the most talked about holiday events for this weekend is the 12th annual Lakes Festival of Lights, located just South of West Sahara and West of Durango Drive. The event is free to attend and there will be many festive holiday family happenings to enjoy like arts and crafts, live entertainment and even a boat parade. It starts at noon on Saturday, December 8th and runs until 6p.m.

Oh, one last thing just to let you know the Mob Bar is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary tonight offering drink pricing from back in 1933. If you’ve been looking for something to do tonight this is it. So stop downtown tonight at the Mob Bar after 5pm to enjoy some of their delicious cocktails basically a buy one get one free opportunity (buy one get one free should always be taken advantage of…just an FYI).

Whatever you do be sure to get out there this weekend, enjoy and support this fabulous city we live in. Happy Holidays Las Vegas!


Good Eats at Vegas StrEATS

Saturday was the second one of the month which means Vegas StrEATS Festival took place in the iconic parking lot of the El Cortez. I definitely did not expect to see the wrestling matches and cage fights that took place shortly after the start of the event. Once the fights were over there was a noticeable absence of the crowed that once was but there was a still a good amount of people enjoying the rest of what was going on down there.

There were tents selling  T-Shirts, Verizon giving away iPhones, and more importantly local artists displaying work for sale. Bacardi was one of the many tents that stood out at the event. Partly because they were set up next to the alcohol booth but also because it was right next to the entrance. They seemed to be catching a lot of attention by having a taste testing competition set up for their newest liquor flavor Oakheart. Hands down winner against  whatever “other guys” rum there were using. Also offering “Barcardi swag” with the purchase of a cocktail, their tent was very popular. The DJ drew a small crowd of dancers around the stage who’s flawless techno beats kept the parking lot hoppin’ and heads boppin’ during the 7 hour event.

I stopped out to see the food trucks since this is a food event after all. I was surprised at the “lack of” trucks serving guests but hey, give them a break since this is a new event. I saw Grouchy John’s Coffee, Sliding Thru, and Pop’s but since I’ve tried these all I wanted to expand my views of what others had to offer. Haulin’ Balls was my pick for the night as it was an interesting menu plus there was the cutest little girl with a spectacular painted face taking orders, now how could I walk past her? For all of those giro lovers the Zorba delivers that taste in a whole new way. These are nicely sized lamb balls shoved into a hoagie bun topped with Feta.  They are tasty and filling and completely worthy the $7 price tag. I recommend if you see the Haulin’ Balls food truck don’t let it get away. After those delicious balls there was only enough room left for desert which I chose to do a simple powered sugar funnel cake that never disappoints.

This was my first Vegas StrEATS festival I attended and I highly recommend this event if your are looking for a night out. Admission is free and it takes place down at 600 Fremont St.  For more information about the event go to

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