Skinny Dugans Won’t Keep You Skinny

HUNGRY?? Skinny Dugans is a great place for you to try, you can either carry out or dine in. They offer delicious bar food without a high price tag. Here’s the opportunity to skip the fast food and enjoy generous portions to satisfy any hearty appetite. Keep in mind my friends that the food they serve is delicious All American bar food so for the health conscious peeps you may want to save Skinny Dugans for a calorie splurge.

The bar has been located in central Vegas since 1973, right off of Charleston and just west of Valley View. Ownership has changed hands before which forced the place to close for short periods of time over the years. In August of 2011, it reopened under new management with a modern vision. The building was renovated with modern decor and includes a separate cigar lounge equipped with several T.V’s, in case you want to chill away from the bar. Skinny’s keeps a clean spacious place to relax and enjoy a laid back experience. The gaming bar features 35 machines for those 21+. No worries for minors wanting to enjoy their food as they also have a restaurant that caters to any age. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day.

Check them out online here.


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